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"Fantasy & fairy tales are the best means children have to tame The Wild Things."
   — Maurice Sendak

Phil Sheridan is a professional actor and storyteller. He appears on the TV shows Nash Bridges and Trauma, is the voice of “Grandpa” in the Sim City video game series, and plays Nonno (papa story man) in the Disney/Pixar film La Luna.

He also tells stories in schools, libraries and at parties. He specializes in fairy and folk tales which show young people what can be accomplished when they are courageous, compassionate and kind.

Phil's storytelling schedule is:

Mill Valley Library
Wednesday mornings – 10:30-11:00am
Saturday mornings – 11:00-11:30am

Sausalito Library
Thursday afternoons – 3:45-4:15pm


Private Readings
Marin Day School Mill Valley — toddlers, 4-5 yrs
Canal Child Care Center San Rafael; 3-5 yrs
Marin Head Start Marin City — 3-5 yrs
Redwoods Retirement Center Mill Valley — senior citizens
The Tamalpais Greenbrae — senior citizens

Contact Info
Stars the Agency 415.421.6272
Phil's Cell Phone 415.233.2987
email: story-telling@philsheridan.com

Phil Sheridan - San Francisco Bay Area actor & storyteller

Santa (Phil) visits Whole Foods

Sophia Bare listens to Phil Sheridan read The Gruffalo. (IJ photo/Jeff Vendsel)
Marin Library Listener

Phil's acceptance speech at the Milley Awards
I feel a little bit like Wilbur the pig, from the book “Charlotte's Web”. You'll remember, Wilbur is a very happy little pig until he learns he is going to be cut up into bacon. His spirit plummets when he learns this, but recovers when a barnyard spider—Charlotte is her name—weaves the words “Some Pig!” into her web.

People from all over the country come to the farm where Wilbur lives just to look at him and the woven spiderweb above him. This is all too much for Wilbur. He is overwhelmed and faints. I feel a little bit like Wilbur tonight. I too am overwhelmed… (click here to continue)


Canal Child Center, San Rafael CA
Canal Child Care Center


Phil plays "grandpa" in Disney/Pixar film, “La Luna”

Phil plays Nonno (grandpa) in the Disney/Pixar film, “La Luna”, nominated for an Academy Award in 2012 for Best Animated Short Film. It was theatrically released with Pixar/Disney's feature film “Brave”.
La Luna is available for sale at http://www.amazon.com/La-Luna/dp/B00A9JHF5K


How to serve manFried Brains—Alta Ifland

A story I read recently by a young lady who grew up in Communist Romania. What life must be like in a repressive regime.

short sample (1:30) MP3 sample

Deceit by James SiegelDeceit by James Siegel – Warner/Random House

Here is the opening of “Deceit” as read by Phil. It is a nice short story unto itself—and you can pause it to see if you are able to solve the traveler's puzzle.

short sample (1:30) MP3 sample

 A Story and a Song—a folktale from India

This is a 4–minute tale from East India that’s worth listening to if you, like me, sometimes suffer from timidity.

Story & a Song - Ramanujan MP3 sample

Dreamland by Dave Fromer

One of the sweetest bedtime lullabies I have ever heard…